Hugo Gomes، Pierluigi Rosina، Parviz Holakooei، Tadele Solomon، Carmela Vaccaro

Identification of pigments used in rock art paintings in Gode Roriso- Ethiopia using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy

Journal of Archaeological Science, Volume 40-Issue 11, P.P 4073–4082; 2013
Abstract: In this paper we present results on the rock art painting materials from the Gode Roriso rock shelter, located in the eastern Hararghe region of Ethiopia. This analysis included X-microflourescence, Micro-Raman spectroscopy and microstratigraphy. As far as the results of the analysis are concerned, a white natural wax (beeswax), carbon black and iron oxides (a mixture of hematite and magnetite along with charcoal particles (forming as a red colorant) have been applied on a natural substrate constituted of granite containing feldspar crystalline forms. Although very much a science-based piece of research, the results have far-reaching outcomes for understanding the sequencing of pigment application.

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